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Freshman Year

Freshman Year

Congratulations on being accepted to the college or university of your dreams! While the next few years will be filled with incredible life experiences, your first semester on campus might be a mixture of excitement, anxiousness and a remarkable amount of cluelessness that comes with being a brand-new frosh. From getting lost on campus, to making new friends, missing home, and learning which professor’s class you should have registered for, you might feel a little lost as your collegiate career gets underway. That’s where Red Lobster comes in!

✓   With an average of 60-70 team members on staff at a restaurant, you are bound to make plenty of friends.

✓   Missing home? Red Lobster quickly becomes your second family. So, if a weekend trip to visit your hometown isn’t in the books, pick up a shift at Red Lobster and feel that sense of support and genuine caring you’re longing for.

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Packed car for vacation/trip

Seasonal Breaks

Ah, the time has finally come for a break from school! For some students, that means staying on campus, but for others, this is a time to pack the car and head back home to stay rent free with family for a bit. If you are packing up, be sure to bring your Red Lobster uniform with you!

With nearly 700 locations across North America, there is a great chance that you can transfer to a Red Lobster back at home during a seasonal break. This is a perfect time to meet new people, make extra money, and continue to live the Lobster Life year-round!

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Student raising hand to participate in class

Sophomore Year

The first year of school is filled with awe and independence. Orientation events and meet n’ greets kept your days jam-packed with socializing. Your RA’s and professors went out of their way to make you feel welcomed. Your new best friends lived right down the hall in your dorm building.

As you enter sophomore year though, that newness dissipates. Planned activities are lessened, you can’t take the exciting upper-level classes yet, and some of your friends might have moved to off-campus. You have officially reached the dreaded sophomore slump.

The one thing you can count on is Red Lobster! At this point, you’ve hopefully had a full year of working at Red Lobster under your belt. This is the time to try something new. If you have worked as a Host/Hostess, ask about training to become a Server. If you started off on the service team working in the dining room, maybe it’s time to explore your culinary passions? By raising your hand for a new challenge at work, we will help break you out of that sophomore slump!

✓   Opportunities to cross-train into various roles keep the job challenging and exciting.

✓   Flexible scheduling allows you to successfully find balance at school and at work.

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Students gather around a laptop

Junior Year

Do you find yourself being the guiding force or voice of the group project? Are you the Captain of your intermural sport’s team, Chair of a group, or on the executive committee of your fraternity or sorority? If so, then you may have the leadership qualities we are looking for! During your junior year, consider completing an internship with Red Lobster. This program closely mirrors our Certified Restaurant Supervisor program. Both positions provide a glimpse into what restaurant management at Red Lobster is all about.

✓   Textbook costs adding up? Upper level classes tend to have more costly, specialized textbooks. At Red Lobster, we have a higher check average than other restaurants in the industry, which tends to result in more money in your pocket! Even if you are not in a dining room position, we are constantly benchmarking across the industry to ensure we are paying at or above the market rate in your area for all roles.

✓   Taking on a leadership role such as a Certified Trainer, Restaurant Management Intern, or Certified Restaurant Supervisor, all result in polishing your leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities. From time management to coaching for performance, you will grow and develop personally and professionally from these experiences.

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A Diploma, A Graduation Cap, Tassels, and a Job Offer Letter from Red Lobster

Senior Year

The hard-work, late nights, cramming sessions, and boundless amounts of caffeine have brought you to this moment. Graduation day is quickly approaching.

This is also the time in your life when you will be asked the infamous question, “what are you doing after graduation?”, more times than you can imagine! How amazing would it feel to proudly be able to answer that question with- “I am going to be a Manager at Red Lobster!”. To graduate with a well-paying salaried management position that offers day one benefits, paid-time off, and 401k retirement savings is a career choice worth heavily considering.

✓   What degree do I need to have to apply? We welcome students with any major to apply for a management position. While Hospitality and Business Management seem like obvious choices, almost every major has a tie-in. For instance, psychology majors are fantastic at understanding human behavior- from guest interactions to motivating team members. Finance majors perform wonders in terms of ensuring we maximize the performance of each multi-million-dollar restaurant through fiscal responsibility. Marketing majors are marvelous at teaching how to up-sell offerings and attract more guests to visit Red Lobster.

✓   What does a Restaurant Manager do? As a Restaurant Manager, you will be responsible for leading restaurant operations with a focus on delivering high quality seafood and beverage service while maximizing our guest satisfaction. You will hire, train and inspire the people that make your restaurant standout.

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Recent Grads

Recent Graduates

It’s been a few months since graduation. Maybe you travelled to another country as a reward for your past few years of hard work. Perhaps you went back home to visit family and friends after too much time away. You might have even taken what you thought was your dream job offer and quickly realized it wasn’t the right fit. Now for some reason, your interest was peaked to explore the restaurant industry. It could be that you are a culinarian, a people person, or want to work for a company that has a mission and corporate social responsibility platform that you believe in. Whatever the case may be, Red Lobster could be the perfect fit for you now!

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Relocation map of available jobs in the US and Canada

Have You Thought About Relocation? We Have and You Should Too!

Have you ever thought about moving to a new city after graduation? For many students, relocating for a career post-graduation is part of the next step in the adventure. At Red Lobster, it seemed like a perfect fit to work with graduates who were willing to relocate since we have over 700 restaurant locations across North America.

Our National Campus Program is designed for students to relocate to a destination of their choosing, that also helps to fulfill our business needs, upon completion of their Manager in Training program. Graduates in this program receive additional incentives such as an increase in compensation and a relocation package, if applicable. So, whether you have always wanted to take a risk and live in a new city or you have a desire to move to a new climate, embarking on this adventure with Red Lobster will be rewarding in more ways than one!

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