At Red Lobster, we know our team members can accomplish great things— so much so that our managers and leaders are dedicated to developing, supporting, and mentoring each person to achieve their career goals in our restaurants. Elizabeth Mauldin is just one of our many team members who has grown her career at Red Lobster.

Elizabeth began working as a Server in December 2014 in Greenville, SC. She initially joined the team after learning about how encouraging and positive the environment at Red Lobster was from a friend who was also a Server here.

During her first few months, Elizabeth was spotted motivating other team members and naturally leading others throughout her various roles. As a team player, she would pick up other roles in the restaurant, from utility, prep, and line, to host, bartender, and bussing. “If you want to come to work with the motivation to progress, the managers spot that leadership potential in you and they want to develop you more,” explained Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s Service Manager asked if she would like to become a Certified Restaurant Supervisor. “I originally didn’t imagine myself going into management until my manager sat me down to explain how the transition into a leadership role would be, what I could expect to learn, and told me she really believed in me to take the chance,” said Elizabeth.

Once she decided to take on the challenge to become a Certified Restaurant Supervisor, Elizabeth began the Certified Trainer program and was a Certified Trainer for 3 months. After gaining more experience, she began her Certified Restaurant Supervisor training. She shared, “What I love about Red Lobster is the mentorship and growth opportunity our leaders provide the team members. Hard work, positive attitudes, a love for our guests, and encouraging one another does not go unnoticed. There are endless opportunities here.”

The passion for serving team members and guests continued to grow so much for Elizabeth that she decided to pursue higher levels of leadership and she is currently in our Manager In Training program. She recalled, “I fell in love with hospitality and restaurant management. I enjoy being hands on with all my team members and encouraging them to push forward. I decided to set my next goal to become a General Manager at Red Lobster and go back to school for business management.”

“Always be willing to ask if you’re curious about anything. If you’re interested in moving up, just ask. If you want to learn a new skill or role, just ask,” Elizabeth advised. At Red Lobster, we’re committed to leading our team members every step of the way. Apply today to join a Red Lobster team and see what professional development awaits you here!