At Red Lobster, we take pride in making everyone who comes through our door feel welcome. Whether we are serving a new guest or a familiar face, our team strives to create memorable dining experiences for everyone.

As a hostess, Cameia knows how important it is being one of the first faces our guests see when they come in. After two years at Red Lobster, she feels confident to welcome each guest and make them feel comfortable. Cameia explained, “My managers support me in providing good guest service by being very mindful of it. I get complimented and told I’m doing a good job, which just reinforces that habit of guest service.”

Cameia remembered a time that she went above and beyond for a guest. “One day, it was raining hard and an older woman with a cane was coming in,” Cameia said. “She didn’t have an umbrella but we did have Red Lobster umbrellas. So, I grabbed one and ran out to help her in. After a great meal, I was able to help her back out to her car.”

Our hosts and hostesses work hard to provide winning service as soon as guests come in the door, and our Front of House team extends that same guest service throughout the entire meal. Liz, a server at Red Lobster, understands how essential her role is to the guest experience. After nine years with Red Lobster, Liz takes pride in work. When asked what great service means to her, she said, “I love ensuring everything is made correctly and everyone that comes in is happier when they walk out the door.”

Dedication to outstanding guest service is also evident behind the bar. After taking advantage of the continuous training opportunities for 23 years at Red Lobster, Rich knows a thing or two about creating and serving delicious cocktails for his guests. Rich’s confidence in his craft allows him to focus on what he considers the most rewarding part of his role at Red Lobster—creating memorable connections with guests. With so many years of coaching and bartending throughout his career with Red Lobster he explained “Making drinks is the easy part. It’s the way you treat people, friendliness that’s the key.”

Rich also knows exactly how to make guests feel welcome, and shared a few words of wisdom for others looking to join the Red Lobster team. “Red Lobster doesn’t micromanage when it comes to guest service. They support me and our teams with everything we try and do to provide guest service,” he said. “Even though they aren’t on the menu, I was able to provide guests who come in every Friday with their request for bleu-cheese stuffed olives. It was something the guests wanted, and they were great regulars, and Red Lobster was completely open to me doing that for those guests. Join the Red Lobster team to be yourself, be friendly, and you’ll do great.”

Our team works hard to give every guest a great experience, which brings our guests coming in again and again. Be a part of a team that delivers winning service every day, and apply to a Red Lobster near you!